about us

dj2 Entertainment is a feature film, television and digital content production company specializing in video-game-to-TV/Motion-Picture adaptations.  Led by lifelong gamers and media professionals, dj2 excels at identifying, developing and producing entertainment for core and mass audiences, alike. 

Focusing on powerful stories about compelling characters in engaging, exciting worlds, dj2 has assembled a project slate spanning most genres and demographics that reflects dj2's global reach.      

In addition, dj2's transmedia production expertise has been instrumental in maximizing multimedia franchise potential of original concepts and established brands.   

Dmitri M. Johnson (CEO/Producer): Dmitri co-founded dj2 Entertainment in 2011 following stints at New Regency, The Gotham Group, and Union Entertainment, whose film and television division he built from the ground up.  Dmitri has packaged, developed, and sold projects to 20th Century Fox, Legendary, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Universal, and others.  Comfortable conducting business at his desk, but happiest on-set during production, Dmitri is a die-hard San Diego Chargers' fan and Musical Theater devotee.      

Stephan Bugaj (CCO/Producer): Stephan joined dj2 in 2015.  He brings invaluable experience acquired while showrunning some of Telltale Games' highest-profile projects, and at Pixar where he contributed to numerous blockbuster features before being tapped to co-create and write two Pixar original features.  Stephan's Sophia Awakens short films premiered at Cannes 2016, and his serialized novella Hard Reset was a launch title for Bound.  Stephan is also an electronic music composer and AI personality designer, but his favorite projects are his two young children.     

Howard Bliss (Business Affairs):  Howard graduated with High Honors from U.C. Berkeley and earned his J.D. at USC Law School.  He has served as legal / business affairs exec at Fox, MGM, Paramount, Infogrames, and Union Entertainment.  Howard's work as lawyer has focused on comic-book publishers / creators, video-game developers, motion picture / TV  and general media matters.

Mark Long (Executive Committee):  Mark is a dj2 Board Member and accomplished creator in his own right, having authored the New York Times bestseller The Silence of Our Friends, as well a being a successful writer, producer, and designer on over 31 released video games.